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Krista Barth has spoken on family law issues for local and national organizations, including television appearances of "Larry King Live," "Court TV," and the "Today Show." She currently blogs for the Huffington Post on issues of relationships, marriage, family and divorce.

Daemen College Alum Profile
M. Krista Barth '90

A Few Things I Want My Little Sister to Know About Divorce

Apparently, Karma has a very different opinion of enough is enough and there are lessons yet to be learned and new perspectives each day, even after almost 22 years as a divorce lawyer. I am the child of divorce, a divorce survivor, a divorce attorney and now the sister of... (Read Article)

6 Ways Your Divorce Is Harder Than It Needs to Be
Divorce is generally unpleasant. Oh sure, we all have that friend who sails through it with a smile on their face and a spring in their step, never exhibiting an outward moment of hesitation as they move through the divorce with an almost unicorn-like dignity and grace. Then there are... (
Read Article)

10 Ways to Get the Hell Out of My Office As Fast As You Can
In a perfect world you would have read the article 10 Ways to Stay the Hell Out of My Office, and you would not need me (oh, and I would win the lottery, travel the world and run my charitable foundation, but I digress). Alas, this is a... (Read Article)

Musings of a Child of Divorce, 40 Years Later
I am a divorce lawyer, a divorce survivor, and once upon a time, I was a child of divorce.The divorce of my parents was a long time ago; I was seven to be exact, the third child of four. I remember the before, and I... (Read Article)

Why This Divorce Attorney Will Celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday the 13th
The first thought that may come to your mind is irony perhaps. I do love irony, and it is generally not lost on me that I am a divorce attorney writing once again about love. My celebration of Valentine's Day on Friday the 13th is a bit less macabre that... (Read Article)

The 6 New Year's Resolutions This Divorce Attorney is Making for 2015
2014 has been marked for me by an endeavor which I must admit has been far more fun than the actual practice of family law, blogging on Huffington Post. This putting people back together thing (four couples this year) is certainly not the world's greatest business model, that's for sure... (Read Article)

The 12 Wedding Vows Your Divorce Attorney Would Write for You
I have had the privilege and pleasure of representing some amazing people over the last 21 years who just could not make it work. Some really hardworking, big-hearted, intelligent, successful and beautiful people (inside and out) have been my clients. When you spend months and even years with people during... (Read Article)

Hate Is a Divorce Lawyer's Annuity
It has been said there is a fine line between love and hate, and over 20 years of practicing family law, I must concede it is true; there is a fine line between love and hate indeed. I have witnessed too many times those who once looked into each other's... (Read Article)

A Divorce Lawyer's Advice Before You Say 'I Do'
"Stay the hell out of my office" seems an unlikely mantra for a 20-year veteran of the practice of family law. My job, after all, is to get you out of an often-giant mess as quickly and as painlessly as possible. The older I get, the clearer the statement "if... (Read Article)

The Choice to Stay
Why this Divorce Attorney May Send You on Your Way
Someone once described my job as that of an undertaker, saying that "divorce is not the death of the marriage, it is the funeral." For the majority of people who come to my office for a divorce, that is true... (Read Article)

Splitting the Baby
Why 50/50 "time-sharing" is not always the answer:

"Time-sharing" sounds like such a lovely idea. So very civilized. We will all do the very thing we teach our child to do almost from out of the womb. Share. Share something you love. Easy enough, right? We pull the toy... (Read Article)

5 Ways Famous People Should Be More Like Us in a Custody Battle
Celebrities may be consciously uncoupling, but the rest of us are just going through a crappy divorce. They might be prettier, richer or thinner, but they are parents just the same. They are the stars of major motion pictures or maybe just reality TV, but we are bombarded with their... (Read Article)

The Best Lesson I Learned From Abuse
Without a doubt, the best lesson I have learned through this life is a simple, yet powerful, truth: "People will do to you in life what you allow them to do." I see it every day with my clients. They ask, "How did this happen to me?" If I am... (Read Article)

How Being Perfect May Land You in a Divorce Lawyer's Office
Embrace your Less than Perfect Life and Find a Happier Marriage
Perhaps the worst thing anyone ever came up with is the idea we can "have it at all" -- the idea that we can be perfect partners, parents, lovers, friends, and employees. We can do it all and can... (Read Article)

How to Avoid Making Your Lawyer Rich or Damaging Your Children
There is no such thing as too much love. My mom used to say there is "enough love to go around" for her four children and, of course, the children of her ex-husband's new wife, who often stayed with us while they traveled, and any other child who happened to... (Read Article)

10 Ways to Stay the Hell out of My Office
Marriage Advice from a Divorce Lawyer
It is amazing that despite the fact we spend most of our lives either searching for love and companionship or being in a relationship, this is the one thing we are never really taught how to do. Expectations and patterns are determined by the... (Read Article)

One Big, Happy Family
Before people become a family is a great time to have the discussion regarding what "family" means to each of you. Once again, we are a product of our experience and exposure, positive and negative. I, for instance, have three brothers who I love equally. I have never thought of... (Read Article)


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